Rising back up to good feelings in Nepal

by Dave from The Longest Way Home ~ December 26th, 2007. Updated on April 22nd, 2009. Published in: Travel blog » Nepal.

Travel Journal Overview: I’d been feeling down. The weather had been poor, and Christmas not all that great. Yet just as grey clouds marked my day after finding home, bright skies soon melted the clouds away. I was getting back on my feet. In my book things are explained a lot more than here as I was hand writing a lot again.

Mountain Beauty in Nepal (click to enlarge)

Mountain Beauty in Nepal (click to enlarge)

There was breaking news in Nepal today as a bridge had collapse during a celebration with 50+ being killed. Pakistan was in riots again. Town was empty. I spent the day away from it all at the Greenpeace Restaurant that literally hangs above the shores of Lake Phewa. I read and listened to noisy Koreans slurp noodles. I took the chance to get in some more trek shop shopping in and I bought a couple of quick dry fake North Face shirts to replace my cotton t shirts. Cotton may be better, but quick dry travels better.

Peter was around town, and was disappointed at not seeing me last night. I was honest and said I did show up, but was not able for a Busy Bee night. He was hungover, I was feeling better. We laughed with some locals as they began sitting up roadside posters and banners for the annual festival starting on the 28th. The men were building wooden towers on either side of the road to hang the banners. Unfortunately some of the wooden beams were from last year, and were too full of holes to nail in banners. After many attempts the local workers agreed.

There was a different vibe in the air. I must have been looking forward to moving on. It’s when I move into hyper mode. Things must get done. I met Myoko, a young Japanese lady back at the Dharma Inn over a coke. The night sky was clear, the stars were shining and we agreed to head off for the early morning trip to the Sarangkot look out point before taking a boat to the World Peace Stupa.

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